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A Tailor-Made Experience

Make your destination dreams come true when you choose Refined Flow to help you!

Refined Flow plans events around the globe with ease! At this moment we have packages you may choose from to assist with traditional trip planning, retreat & group vacations , and retreat co-host partnerships.

Refined Flow takes away the stress that comes with planning a retreat, conference, or group vacation. No need for late nights researching travel arrangements, safety measures, local activities, etc. We'll design an experience that's everything you want and need. Inquire now for a complimentary 30 minute consultation! 


Are you interested in getting a group of yoga students, family members or friends together to travel to an exotic destination but don't know where to start with the planning process?
Our travel experts will research your desired travel destination. Including:

  • two or three accommodation choices that best suit your budget

  • book transportation & tours,

  • create a participant Welcome Packet, with high level itinerary, destination details, etc 

  • make restaurant & activity recommendations 

  • International Visas and immunization requirements 

  • and other considerations so you and your guests are prepared for your adventure. 

As yoga instructors we are able to go above and beyond for your trip. 
Yoga & mediation can easily be incorporated into any event.
 Being in this industry we know and have met the top leaders in the fitness world and are able to connect with them to lead retreats as well. 
If you have a desire to lead a retreat but do not have a following, or if you have a following but would like to add one of our expertise to your retreat then let's team up to add some refinement to your next adventure! 

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