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Classes at the Spa at the Highland Hotel Dallas

Image by Lesly Juarez
Image by Esther Verdú

Refined Flow takes pride in its holistic approach to fitness and wellness. The healing properties of various crystals have inspired the names of each well-balanced class. Try an energizing class, like Titanium, which incorporates strength training, toning, and cardio. The worldly experienced trainers at The Spa at the Highland prioritize the refinement of body, mind, and soul. Each class is an hour long and utilizes crystals, incense, and sound bowls for a tranquil experience. All students are welcomed and will benefit from taking any class! Located in the Highland Hotel off of Mockingbird. Complimentary Valet.


Lead Instructors: Melissa Patino & Florence Brewer

Our Classes

Third Saturday Workshops 

This “class” is offered on the Third Thursday of every month for $50 as this is a 90 min hands-on workshop. It is meant to be an event-type offering for potential clients in the area. The purpose of the workshop is to bring in new clients to entice them to become members.

The inspiration for our hands-on workshops comes from our belief that mental and physical health are interrelated and should be conditioned together. All of the classes at Refined Flow attempt to coordinate breathing and physical movement, improve focus and concentration, and help participants regain control of their body and mind. Our workshops are made to provide more in-depth knowledge about health and wellness!


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