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Refined Flow stemmed from the need to get away from a hectic lifestyle. We  realize it's one thing to go on vacation or an intensive retreat, yet another to take time out to Refine and Re-find yourself in a new land. Refined Flow does not host and promote retreats, our vision is to design a well balanced yoga getaway with you in mind! 

In 2012, Florence (Flo) Brewer tore her Achilles tendon. During recovery she discovered the benefits of yoga!  Yoga became the stress reliever from her corporate job and she instantly fell in love with the mixture of strength, balance, and flexibility.  2 years later Flo figured a way to take a solo trip for a month to Rishikesh India, the yoga capital of the world.  She spent 28 days obtaining her 200 hour yoga teacher training in Hatha and Ashtanga yoga styles. In India she realized many in the U.S. are plagued with busy lifestyles.  Being a world traveler, Flo now takes individuals around the globe giving them exposure to the ancient practice of yoga and new destinations. 

Melissa randomly visited a yoga studio during her work lunch break in 2011. She was immediately hooked and inspired to become a yoga instructor.  By November 11th 2011, Melissa received her 500 hour yoga certification! Melissa has taught in several locations in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex and has hosted countless yoga events over the years. She is known for simplifying yoga to those whom feel it it is difficult or unattainable. Whether it's a new asana, a new destination, or trying yoga  for the first time, Melissa desires to get people out their comfort zone and influence them to try something new  

Melissa and Flo met in 2015 at a yoga studio opening in Dallas. It was an instant friendship. Through their love of yoga and travel they've had several adventures around the world.  Together they have traveled to Thailand, Bali, Mexico, and Spain. It was only natural that they wanted to share their passion and knowledge to others. 

Are you ready to go with the flow? 

"Life is a journey with problems to solve, lessons to learn, but most of all experiences to enjoy"

 -Tulshi Bhanushali

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