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Refined Flow made the retreat effortless & easy. You can tell Lyssa & Flo poured themselves into it. The attention to detail is spot on. I’d definitely attend another Refined Flow Escape

- Client from Los Angeles, California

Modified Chaturanga Dandasana
Welcome Dinner Set Up

I thought everything was well planned. The hosts thought of every details to make it the best, which it was!

- Kayo from Chicago, IL

My Refined Flow yoga retreat was heaven, Lyssa and Flo were very approachable and attentive to everyone needs and desire, also the communication among us by WhatsApp was priceless. Thank you so much for a wonderful time.

- Client from San Diego

Straddle Fold

The Refined Flow Yoga Retreat is a wonderful way to rest, connect, energize and rejuvenate! Flo and Lyssa put a lot of effort and love into organizing not only the retreat but also activities for you to enjoy the local community so that you can a full experience of both yoga as well as time on your own exploring....and it shows in the end result! The hotel we stayed in was absolutely lovely, well worth the cost; and the energy and ambience of the hotel was well in keeping with the theme of a yoga retreat. Flo and Lyssa are as hands on as you need them to be and give you the space to not only enjoy the retreat they planned for you but also to allow you to create your own personal experience. A retreat in every sense of the word! Thank you so much for creating Refined Flow! I look forward to attending more retreats with you around the globe!

-  Mirian from Houston

I expected yoga and a vacation away from home, but I came back with a lot more.

- Wisteria from Dallas

If you're looking for a little yoga and a little fun bundled together in one tiny bundle - look no further. Awesome experience and amazing teachers! 

- Tammy, Philidephia 

Xel-Ha Lazy River.jpg

I give Refined Flow 5 Stars!    

- Judy from Merida, Mexico

My first time ever traveling somewhere far from where I live honestly it was a great experience. I got to visit Tulum,Mexico and I did some yoga. I honestly relieved some stress and had an amazing time . My cousin Lyssa did an amazing job with her first retreat and I can’t wait to go on more adventures - Myrian from San Antonio


I really enjoyed my experience! Flo and Lyssa made everyone feel welcomed and informed. I wish I could wake up every day to morning yoga outside on a rooftop, especially with these excellent instructors. I appreciated that they paid special attention to the beginners, while offering modifications of the poses to suit everybody's abilities, offering us all the chance to challenge ourselves. The hotel offered delicious breakfast options after which we had opportunities to choose the rest of our activities for the day. There were a wide range of choices offered, so if you weren’t feeling like exploring the ruins or going on excursions, hanging out at the beach resort was not a bad alternative. Also, Tulum has amazing food and shopping. The trip was more than worth the cost. Looking forward to another! Thank you Refined Flow! 

- Cia from Dallas, TX

The Yoga Retreat and added activities were the perfect locations. Yoga, twice a day on the rooftop, meditation and all-around good vibes from the welcome dinner up until the last night, was an incredible experience. You ladies added just enough and didn't miss a beat. Thank you for my perfect first retreat. Namaste!

- Client from Fort Worth

All laughs

This was a great experience with an amazing group of women.

- Kim, Houston TX

TULUM MEXICO_ Outdoor view of huge color
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