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Adventure. Relaxation. Wellness.
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Labor Day 2024


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The Expert’s

We are Passionate about Travel + You 

We've combined fitness and culture to create a refined experience! No need for late nights researching airline options, accommodations, activities, etc!

Our team has made sure you are offered a variety of options to make each trip your own. Most importantly we are here for you every step of the way!



For the Fitness Lover and the Zen Seeker

Our retreats are designed for you to get away from the norm. Meet new friends, get in some fitness, eat delicious food, surround yourself with a new atmosphere so that you re-find 

yourself and refine your goals. 


Check out our upcoming retreats or create one of your own!

Trip Alert

The Journey to Refinement  begins with YOU

Travel reveals and refines who you are. Upon reaching a new destination, you are able to disconnect from your normal routine and begin to tune inward.


This feeling helps release stress and provide a sense of peace. You'll notice the tension to dissipate. Take a moment to consider how much you need to get away.

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