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Decompress From Stress

Refined Flow’s yoga and fitness escapes break you away from your everyday life—to physically, mentally and emotionally disassociate you from the stresses and pressures of reality. But until you get that chance to let Refined Flow refresh your perspective about who you are and what you truly desire out of life, try these strategies to tide you over.

Create awareness. Being more cognizant of your thoughts and actions can help you recognize patterns and areas where you can improve. It also lets you acknowledge what you’re already doing well. The next time you feel stressed, notice your reaction. Ask yourself, “Where is this coming from?” Once you’ve done that, you can choose another response or way of thinking.

Listen to your body. How does it react to stressful situations? Do you clench your jaw or teeth? Does your heart rate increase? Do your thoughts race? Do you repeatedly worry about the same issue? Make a list of your signs and symptoms of stress, which gives you a moment to check in with yourself and pause before you respond.

Reflect. Realize what your mind is telling you in a stressful situation, so you can then question if what you’re telling yourself is true, real and rational. Anxiety often triggers irrational thoughts. Noticing them lets you step back and gain perspective.

Focus your attention. Concentrate on the present moment so you can reduce your mind’s tendency to wander and ruminate on the unhelpful what-if thoughts. Single-mindedness takes practice, especially in a world filled with text messages, social media and other distractions. Develop this skill by paying attention to the details in your everyday surroundings and experiences. Find the beauty in the mundane.

Don’t pass judgment for at least three minutes. Do you critique and assess everything you experience? “That would be better if…” “They should have …” “I would have done it this way…” Combat this “righting reflex” by challenging yourself to experience someone or something for three minutes. Delaying judgment creates space for gratitude. You may realize that what’s in front of you is good enough or enjoyable exactly as is


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